José Castro Silva

Asssitant Professor

Biographical Note

José Castro Silva, PhD in Education, is Assistant Professor at ISPA-Instituto Universitário. He lectures in Educational Sciences, Learning and Motivation, Information and Technology in Education, Well-being in Education Contexts and has experience with teacher training programs focused on teacher professional learning and development. His current research interests include topics such as well-being and adaptation in educational contexts, influence of individual and contextual factors on the teachers’ professional learning and development and virtual learning and teaching environments. He is a specialist in technologies and information systems and has extensive experience in the management of distance education platforms, as well as in teachers’ training in teaching and assessment in virtual environments. José Castro Silva is author of several papers published at national and international journals, and book chapters and he is Associate Editor of the European Journal of Educational Psychology.

Research Interests

  • Well-being and adaptation in educational contexts
  • Influence of individual and contextual factors on the teachers’ professional learning and development
  • Virtual learning and teaching environments

Relevant Publications

  • Granjo, M., Castro Silva, J., Peixoto, F. (2021). Teacher identity: can ethical orientation be related to perceived competence, psychological needs satisfaction, commitment and global self-esteem? European Journal of Teacher Education, 44(2), 158-179.
  • Peixoto, F., Silva, J. C., Pipa, J., Wosnitza, M., & Mansfield, C. (2020). The Multidimensional Teachers’ Resilience Scale (MTRS): Validation for Portuguese teachers. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 8(3) 402-408. 10.1177/0734282919836853
  • Fernandes, L., Peixoto, F., Gouveia, M. J., Silva, J. C., & Wosnitza, M. (2019). Fostering teachers’ resilience and well-being through professional learning: Effects from a training programme. Australian Educational Researcher, 46(4), 681–698.
  • Castro Silva, J., Amante, L., & Morgado, J. (2017). School climate, principal support and collaboration among Portuguese teachers. European Journal of Teacher Education, 40(4), 505-520.
  • Castro Silva, J., & Marques da Silva, M. (2015). Colaboração entre professores e Autoeficácia docente: que relações? Revista Portuguesa de Educação,28(2), 87-109.

Current PhD students

Juliana Abra
Interdisciplinary STEAM-mediated approach to arts: Proposal for a teacher training programme

Josilene Araújo
Inclusive education in Higher Education: Students’ and Teachers’ Beliefs

External collaborations

  • Ana Patrícia Almeida (Open University, Portugal)
  • Caroline Mansfield (Murdoch University, Australia)
  • Gloria Gratacós Casacuberta (Villanueva University, Spain)
  • Margarida Pocinho (University of Madeira, Portugal)
  • Patrícia Pacheco (ISEC, Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Paula Villalobos Vergara (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, Chile)
  • Susan Beltman (Curtin University, Australia)
  • Tina Hascher (Institute of Education, University of Bern, Switzerland)


  • Sofia Cândido (PhD finished in 2022)
  • Deolinda N’Dala (PhD finished in 2020)
  • Luís Folgado Ferreira (PhD finished in 2017)