Nadia Ferreira

Assistant Professor

Biographical Note

Nadia Ferreira is a professor at ISPA, where she taught courses related to Mathematics Education. Since 2000, she has been an elementary school teacher, teacher trainer and researcher, with her focus on teacher practice and knowledge to teach. She has a degree in Teaching Mathematics and Sciences in elementary school (year 1 to 6) and a Master in Education in the Lisbon University. In her master’s thesis, she focused on the professional development of Mathematics and Sciences teachers when they collaboratively managed the curriculum an integrative Area. In her PhD thesis in Didactics of Mathematics, at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon, her focused on the knowledge and practices of teachers to teach Mathematics. She has collaborated with different higher education institutions and several teacher-training centres, since 2012. Throughout her professional life has pedagogically and scientifically supported teachers and schools in different programs of the Ministry of Education. From 2016 at 2021, at the Directorate General for Education (DGE) she has been actively involved in the curriculum reorganization process that is taking place in Portugal. She was also involved in the production of pedagogical resources, guiding documents on reference practices, and also conceived and implemented training for teacher trainers and directors across the country.

Research Interests

  • Mathematics Education
  • Teacher training
  • Curriculum development and pedagogical innovation

Relevant Publications

  • Cosme, A.; Ferreira, D.; Lima, L. & Ferreira, N. (2021). Metodologias, Métodos e Situações de Aprendizagem:
    Propostas e Estratégias de Ação. Porto Editora: Porto.
  • Ferreira,N.& Ponte,J.P (2017). O conhecimento para ensinar Matemática na prática lectiva de uma futura
    professora: O conceito de percentagem. In A prática dos professores: Planificação e discussão colectiva na sala de
    aula. GTI-Grupo de Trabalho de Investigação: Lisboa: APM.
  • Ferreira, N.,& Ponte, J.P. (2018). Propondo tarefas sobre números racionais: As ações de futuras
    professoras durante a prática de ensino supervisionada. Quadrante,27(1),113-136.
  • Ferreira,N. & Ponte, J.P. (2016). Planning, teaching and reflecting on how to explain inverse rational numbers: The case of Ana. Proceedings of ERME Topic Conference, Berlim, Alemanha.
  • Ferreira,N. & Ponte, J.P.(2015). The knowledge of a prospecLve teacher in pracLce: exploring
    diferent representaLons of raLonal numbers. In ECER: Education and Transition – Contributions
    from Educational Research. Org. EERA, Budapeste: Hungary.

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