This research group has as main goals:

  1. Analyse the literacy practices developed in kindergartens and their impact on the emergence of written language; develop naturalistic intervention studies to enhance children’s metalinguistic awareness and study their impact on children’s reading and writing outcomes in primary school; validate metalinguistic awareness assessment and intervention tools;
  2. Study written language acquisition throughout primary education and conduct naturalistic intervention studies to promote the acquisition of writing and reading skills by all students, namely those at risk of failure and those with special educational needs. The processes of mediation used by the teachers to support children’s learning will be analysed and teacher training materials will be created;
  3. Analyse teachers’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours regarding multilingualism and study the effectiveness of teaching strategies used by preschool and primary school teachers to promote the acquisition of Portuguese by second language learners, in multilingual classrooms.

Integraded members

Ana Cristina Silva

Integrated member

Liliana Salvador

Integrated member

Margarida Alves Martins

Group Coordinator

Sérgio Gaitas

Integrated member

Tiago Almeida

Integrated member


  • Ana Albuquerque
  • Ana Isabel Santos
  • Anabela Marcelo
  • Betina Astride
  • Edlia Simões
  • Jorge Gonçalves
  • Leonor Moreira Rato
  • Miguel Mata Pereira
  • Mónica Gaiolas

PhD students

  • Dulce Manuela Nunes França Gerreiro
  • Hanna Mariya Kuchuryanu Ramos
  • Maria Beatriz Madeira Gil
  • Maria Amália Ferreira Cândido