Tiago Almeida

Assistant Professor

Biographical Note

Graduate in Educational Psychology; MSc in Educational Psychology; Ph. D. in Educational Psychology; Supervisor in Ph. D in Education. Post- Graduation and Professionalization in Cognitive, Behavioural and Integrative Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescent; Coordinator of the Early Childhood Education Post-Graduation (0 to 3) and member of the coordination board of the Master Course at Preschool Education (Teacher Formation) from 2014 to 2018.

Research Interests

Research fields are primarily the acquisition of Early Reading and Writing and Social Interactions and Play in Children with and without Impairments.

Another research interest is the historical and philosophical perspective of Curriculum in Early Childhood Education and Primary School.

I am also involved in Critical Perspectives in Education and Psychology and in studying whereby the ideas about childhood influence how adults speak and interact with young children. I am interested in a genealogy of childhood.

Relevant Publications

Current PhD students

External collaborations

  • Jorge Ramos do Ó (Institute of Eucation – Lisbon University)
  • Tatiana Grazina (Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon – School of Education)
  • Joana Guimarães (Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon – School of Education)
  • Sílvia Ferreira (Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon – School of Education)
  • Telma Adriano (Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon – School of Education)